Few words about #AllNiteCafe @ UnderNet...



#AllNiteCafe is celebrating 15 years of being Undernet's Best Chatting Channel.


#AllNiteCafe is one of Undernet's most visited channel of all kinds of people, from all across the world. A place where people meet and chat having a great time...


#AllNiteCafe is a way to relax and meet new people, so each of us, every user who visited the channel contributed to the development of it. We had interesting and pleasant discussions, but also trite and tacky. Of course, not all users have been well intentioned, but from them, each has gained a unique experience, more or less pleasant.


To protect our users, #AllNiteCafe channel receive UnderNet's official X robot. Also, our operators are there to ensure that the discussions are taking place within the limits of common sense, and also that users follow the certain basic rules of the channel.


We are open 24/24 hours to have the most interesting and good discussions.


Join us!

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